General Reflections on Transformative Conflict Resolution

The way in which we interpret and make sense of the world can be both verbal and non-verbal, as inferred by logic. As for the verbal, we interpret the world through constructions that do or do not have meanings that corresponds with reality, physical or imaginary [1]. If the understanding of the meanings collide, either between individuals, groups or states -it can be seen as a conflict. Moreover, if the concepts that we are fighting for do not have a basis in reality, it may create a possibility of making humans live in a superficial reality that is given false value and existence; i.e nationalism, degrading cultural practices, political extremism, religious dogma, and so forth.

Accordingly, it may be deduced that what is often fought over is based on concepts that do not have any root in reality. The challenge then, will be building awareness and raising consciousness so that we as human beings can dig deeper into the layers of ourselves. In this way, we can come in contact with the timeless essence and truths within us, amounting to what has a root in reality -like timeless principles of resolving conflicts. On this basis, we can realize that subjectivity and the different manifestations will be different understandings of the same truth: We are all one, and there is always a way out of a conflict no matter how dark it appears to us.

In fact, this process of approaching peace education and the evolving of the self is to include the recognition of the uniqueness in our subjective qualites, and in this way contribute to an even more unique general whole leading to harmony. Therefore, if one is to solve a conflict, it is by accumulating the truthful subjective viewpoints of the parts involved, which can be viewed as different manifestations of the same general moral guideline which contributes to the well-being of all people in a society.

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